samba_3 and the build farm

tridge at tridge at
Thu Sep 7 05:23:12 GMT 2006

Jerry and Volker,

I had to disable the test phase of samba_3_0 in the build farm as it
is leaving stray smbd processes around. From the SVN tag in the
binaries the problem seems to have started at around rev 17797 (may
not be very precise).

Unfortunately I don't have gdb on the machine I noticed this on yet,
but strace and ps shows that its leaving behind two smbd processes per
run, a parent and a child. The parent is sitting in select() like

   select(23, [20 21 22], NULL, NULL, NULL      

the child is sitting in pause().

I don't understand why the timelimit code isn't kicking in. It should
be killing these stray processes, but it isn't. Perhaps something to
do with the architecture? It's a PPC64 (Volker, its,
which I think you have an account on).

I also don't know how many different hosts are affected. Hopefully we
can narrow this down to just a few hosts or fix the bug soon and get
samba_3_0 testing again.

Cheers, Tridge

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