LDB hitting production state

Bjoern JACKE bjoern at j3e.de
Tue Oct 31 14:23:55 GMT 2006

On 2006-10-31 at 09:10 -0500 simo sent off:
>This is my goal too, in the end. But actually we still need ldb to be
>compiled as part of samba4 (ifdefs that change some behavior).
>So for the moment I think the best is to release ldb as part of the
>relative projects, as soon as we can finally make sure the same build
>works for all the projects we will officially make LDB a separate
>project and make all samba versions use the official one (except for
>Samba4 where we could require the development version).

it's probably okay if you do this for Samba 4 but for Samba 3 and
samba4wins we should already now agree on a common path for ldb
modules. We can do this for samba 3 and samba4wins by patching it
ourself but it would be bad if that path would change later.

Would my suggestion to use /usr/lib/ldb be what you are going to use
in the end, too? If this would change later all projects relying
on this module path and maybe putting their backends there would be
screwed and be forced to change this again.


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