[PATCH] GPFS interoperability

Christian M Ambach CAMBACH1 at de.ibm.com
Fri Oct 27 17:04:16 GMT 2006


with the availabilty of GPFS 3.1 PTF6, IBM has started shipping an 
open-sourced library to access GPFS functions which allow Samba to 
interoperate with GPFS.

We have documented the library in the Samba Wiki: 

I would now like to submit the first patch exploiting that interface.
We made a decision to implement the interfacing to GPFS in a new VFS 
module. This way everything related to GPFS is located at one single place 
in the Samba source.

The first function in the GPFS library we would like to make use of is 
As the approbiate operation was missing in the VFS layer yet, the patch 
adds a new operation kernel_flock into the VFS layer and replaces the 
kernel_flock call in smbd/open.c by a call to the VFS layer.
The original kernel_flock() call is moved into the vfs_default module, so 
without GPFS everything virtually stays the same.

In the GPFS vfs module, the kernel_flock is mapped to a gpfs_set_share() 

As you can see in the patch, we already prepared some more functions in 
the VFS module which we will flesh out once this initial patch has been 

Could you please review the attached patch and let me know your comments 
on it? 

Best regards
          Christian Ambach
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