unpack_nt_owners fails with owner S-1-5-32-544

David Collier-Brown davec-b at rogers.com
Tue Oct 24 23:19:54 GMT 2006

simo wrote:
> I also proposed this a couple of times during the years, my idea has
> always been that you set both the uid and the gid in the ACL.
> Alternatively you always set only the gid (unless you are the user owner
> of course) and make sure that setgroups always sets the gid for the user
> as well as the uid. 

   Non-Linux systems still have the silly limitations on the number of
groups one can belong to, so **do** set both in the acl: even with
the limits it preserves correctness.

>                       This way it doesn't matter what you are really,
> basically you end up unifying the uid and the gid spaces in the gid
> space.

   And that's the direction some folks are drifting towards, under the
KISS principle that 0, 1 and infinity possible cases are good, but that
artificial limits at 2, 16 or 32 possible cases are bad.

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