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derrell at samba.org derrell at samba.org
Sun Oct 22 14:38:09 GMT 2006

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org> writes:

>> It also takes a long time to rebuild and install each time I make a
>> dynconfig change, and my "fast" laptop of a couple of years ago isn't so
>> fast any more.
> You don't need to 'make clean' for a dynconfig change, that's the point.
> The paths should be embedded in dynconfig.c only, with the global
> variables referenced from there.

Yes, I know that.  It still recompiles a whole boatload of stuff, though.
IIRC, it was recompiling much of Heimdal each time I made a simple change to
dynconfig.c.  (Actually, it may have been changes to dynconfig.mk or the perl
script that builds the Makefile that caused the long rebuilds.  I'm not sure.)

No problem.  I think I'm through that now (I hope!).


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