bug in samba-3.0.21b-2

Sheshadrivasan B sheshv at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 20 13:11:44 GMT 2006

I have hit a samba issue,
A hardlink to the upper level directory was created resulting in a circular directory
structure !
Steps to produce the bug:
Drag and drop (windows shortcut to Google Talk.exe) link to samba shared folder.
[root at shoonya obelix]# pwd/export/shares/obelix[root at shoonya obelix]# ls -litotal 2032769 drwxrwxrw- 3 root smbshare  4096 Oct 20 17:09 export   11 drwx------ 2 root root     16384 Oct 19 10:24 lost+found[root at univault-xl1000 obelix]# cd export/[root at univault-xl1000 export]# ls -litotal 1232943 drwxr-xr-x 2 thursday1 smbshare 4096 Oct 19 10:52 bryan adams32769 drwxrwxrw- 3 root      smbshare 4096 Oct 20 17:09 Google Talk.lnk32770 -rwxrwxrw- 1 thursday1 smbshare  428 Oct 17 03:56 VNC Viewer.lnk
I attempted an rm -rf of Google Talk.lnk and at the end of it, I get:
rm: WARNING: Circular directory structure.This almost certainly means that you have a corrupted file system.NOTIFY YOUR SYSTEM MANAGER.The following directory is part of the cycle:  `Google Talk.lnk//Google Talk.lnk'
Samba server in use is:
[root at univault-xl1000 export]# rpm -qa |grep sambasamba-common-3.0.21b-2system-config-samba-1.2.34-1samba-3.0.21b-2Any help is much appreciated.Shesh
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