testsuite changes

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Oct 19 03:59:29 GMT 2006


A few more thoughts on this ...

 > The output is in a format called `subunit' that is being standardized.

I hope this doesn't mean you plan on having lots of our tests be
standalone binaries! We already have far too many binaries in Samba,
and having a pile of separate test binaries would be horrible I think :)

It would mean we'd have to install all those separate little tests as
well, so that smbtorture can find them. Then we'd lose the ability to
run ~/some/branch/bin/smbtorture to get that version of smbtorture.

I was thinking of moving in the opposite direction, by allow our js
tests to be run directly inside smbtorture, which just involves
linking smbtorture to the js engine and abstracting out the core of
scripting/ejs/smbscript.c as a ejs_run_script() function which could
be called from smbtorture.

I also wanted to move gentest, masktest, locktest etc into smbtorture.

I certainly like the abstractions you are putting in place for our
test suites, but I don't like the separate binaries plan. It smells
rather too much like libtool for my taste!

Cheers, Tridge

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