testsuite changes

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Oct 19 03:49:53 GMT 2006


 > Using valgrind on ./bin/torture/LOCAL/TALLOC or using the
 > --trace-children option to valgrind should fix that.

yep, but that doesn't help on the build farm

 > Alternatively, we could get smbtorture to wrap the commands it was
 > executing in gdb or valgrind, though I'd prefer to avoid that if
 > possible.

I'd prefer to avoid that too

 > That would improve some things, but the advantage of using a subprocess
 > is:
 >  * identical code for the samba-build and the stand-alone build

What difference is there apart from the tiny main() function?

 >  * being able to detect segfaults and other errors (rather than test
 > failures) in the testsuite

This is the sort of thing I think is better detected with the code
linked in, rather than a separate binary. The valgrind example is the
most obvious example, where coding errors will show up in the build
farm with it builtin, and not otherwise.

 >  * being able to parse the output by something else than smbtorture. For
 > example, we could have a script that parses the output and generates
 > html or graphs from it.

and that should be able to be run on the smbtorture output with the
code builtin as well, no?

Cheers, Tridge

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