SAMBA under DEBIAN Problems

Eric BAROUK ebarouk at
Tue Oct 17 12:28:00 GMT 2006


I Recently installed a machine under DEBIAN version 3.xxxx
I also installed SAMBA, all the modules including SWAT.
I have a local area network of machines Windows XP pro and 2000 Server into
in WorkGroup.

My concern is as follows:
>From Windows we can connect ourself to DEBIAN machine each User enters his

>From DEBIAN while passing by "CONNECTING a Server", I connect myself to
stations WIN XP pro but not under WINDOWS 2000 Server.

Under WINDOWS 2000 Server, I have created user DEBIAN which I use to test
the connection.
I have Firewall under Windows and I authorized ports 137 and 139 NETBIOS.
Under DEBIAN while passing by NETWORK with GNOME, I obtain the List of all
the stations of the network but I can't connect myself to none.

the PING, TRACERT, works fine and in the two directions.

I must deliver the configuration asap for Back-up and installating new
softwares, for this reason my problem is urgent.

I hope to have been clearly in the description and which you will be able to
contribute me to solve this problem.
Thank you in advance and regards.

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