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derrell at samba.org derrell at samba.org
Sun Oct 15 01:09:16 GMT 2006

tridge at samba.org writes:

> Derrell,
> Can we trim the qooxdoo stuff in swat a bit more? It's now larger than
> all the rest of Samba4 put together. I particularly noticed as I'm on
> dialup and I've been waiting about an hour for a svn update of the
> swat directory to finish - its still going :)
> I think we can remove nearly all the icons at least, and most of the
> examples. We can leave a few examples to test stuff that we are likely
> to want to use, and leave their associated icons (we can use the
> access date on the icons to work out which ones are used)

Hi Tridge,

The recent qooxdoo stuff I checked in is only half the number of files that
were checked in for your older version last year.  We will soon be able to
remove that old version, which will free up lots of download time.  First, we
need to revamp the existing swat to use the new qooxdoo (or rewrite it

We can possibly remove some of the icons, but many are used in the examples.
I believe that the examples should remain, as that's how samba developers will
learn what's available in qooxdoo.

By leaving the current qooxdoo stuff as is, we are able to easily update the
samba tree with the latest and greatest partial tree from qooxdoo; it's simply
an "rsync" away.  If we were to try to limit it, we'd very likely end up with
continually out of date examples and/or qooxdoo build, meaning that bug fixes
and enhancements which are constantly being done in qooxdoo would not be
available to samba developers.  I don't believe we want each samba developer
who wants to work on qooxdoo stuff to be putting their own set of qooxdoo
files into the samba tree; it would very quickly become an unmaintainable

I propose that someone makes the appropriate changes to the old swat stuff to
be able to use the new qooxdoo, and that the 4000+ files in the old qooxdoo
tree in samba be removed.  Sound reasonable?



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