Winreg EnumValue returns junk values

Chetan S cshring at
Fri Oct 13 13:20:30 GMT 2006

Hi All,

The winreg_enumvalue digs out values perfectly fine from the tdb and
this is observed in the server side log.smbd. However on the rpc
client side no value is listed. More importantly it receives junk.

The problem perhaps lies with the idl.

Another thing I've observed while using the winreg_SetValue call - I
could pass an utf8 string to the api while it says it requires utf16

Why this is important - when the registry db inits, some values which
are default registry values for certain keys go in as utf8. I wonder
if the winreg_enumvalue api requires the strings in the tdb to be
utf16 too ?

Chetan S

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