[SAMBA4] SWAT provisioning broken

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Oct 12 08:43:22 GMT 2006


 > This is currently blocking the Samba4 TP3 release.

I've fixed the provisioning speed problem.

Main problem was an interaction between provisioning and existing
partitions with a partitions module. The provisioning code tries to
wipe the ldb in a 'friendly' way in case processes are already
attached to it, by searching for all records and deleting them. This
wasn't working with partitions, as searches don't cross partition
boundaries. That caused a second provision after the system was
already installed to proceed very slowly, as it had to do a lot of
work re-indexing the (large!) schema on each record.

The second problem was that objectClass was being indexed. That's a
bad idea, as every object is a member of 'Top' so you end up with a
huge and very inefficient index for OBJECTCLASS:TOP. It is much better
to search on objectCategory in sam.ldb than it is to search on
objectClass. I think w2k3 has the same problem (maybe due to similar
indexing approaches?).

re-provision now takes 2.4 sec for me, down from 24 sec. New
provisioning (so no wipe needed) takes 1.5 seconds.

Cheers, Tridge

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