NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME after upgrade to 3.0.23c

Patrick Heyman taffer at patheyman.com
Thu Oct 5 15:32:30 GMT 2006

I keep getting the following error after upgrading Samba to 3.0.23 using 
slackpkg in -current:
"tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME"

smbclient -L hostname               :gave the error
smbclient //hostname/username :connected (home directory)
smbclient //share/music              :gave the error
smbclient //share/movies            :gave the error
smbclient //share/pub                 :gave the error

After doing some research, the only thing I came up with was checking 
the directory permssions:
drwxr-xr-x 14 username users 4096 2006-06-18 21:01 movies
drwxr-xr-x 43 username users 4096 2006-06-21 01:37 music

Interestingly, if I create symlinks to the shares inside the user 
directories, I can access the shares indirectly, but that's hardly an 
elegant option.  There seems to be absolutely no documentation regarding 
this error code anywhere, and the e-mail archives have plenty of 
instances of this error, but never a solution that works for me.  Any 
help would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Heyman

        workgroup = WORKGROUP
        passdb backend = tdbsam
        log file = /var/log/samba.%m
        max log size = 50
        server signing = auto
        preferred master = No
        domain master = No
        dns proxy = No
        ldap ssl = no
        read only = No
        hosts allow = 192.168.1., 127.
        case sensitive = No
        msdfs proxy = no

        comment = Home Directories
        browseable = No

        path = /share/music

        path = /share/movies

        path = /share/pub

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