More pidl issues in Samba 3

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Wed Oct 4 22:12:50 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 15:53 -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> > No, they can be unique or full as well. Also, I think allocating twice
> > in this case is ok. The special thing here is that we are doing
> > conversions on these character strings - so the UTF-8 representation
> > might be different in size while the UCS-2 representation isn't. 
> If the caller passes in a buffer, that buffer should be filled.
> For example, the RegQueryValue() doesn't work right now because
> the pidl client code does a pointer assignment and not a memcpy.
> These structures should be deep copied and not rely on struct
> assignment in my opinion.
What's the issue with struct assignment?

> I can live with the structure assignment if necessary but
> the QueryValue() bug has to be fixed sometime.
Was that the bit you mentioned earlier in this thread? I'll have a look
at that again.


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