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Thanks for the reply.
As I understand you suggest using Samba with DMAPI enabled local file
system? I don't know much about DMAPI, how is it supported on 
Linux (SUSE Linux)?

Could you please give me some links to sites with relevant info?

Thanks a lot

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Novgorodsky, Sergey wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on a software which is using Samba server to receive
> files for a long-term storage. The files are replicated to a remote
> host(I have a separate program that does that); local file system has
> size limits and  some local files are periodically deleted to free up
> the space. When user makes request to my Samba server to read back
> some files, I need to check if they are still stored locally and if
> not, fetch them  from a remote location, after that Samba can work as
> usual.
> My question is - what is the best way to handle read requests in such
> system ? Specifically, calls like SMB_VFS_OPENDIR and SMB_VFS_OPEN? I
The best way is to have DMAPI support in your local file system. This is
how it is usually implemented in other products.

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