infiniband: ?

Peter Somogyi psomogyi at
Thu Nov 30 18:22:33 GMT 2006


I've refined the interface again:
- cleaned out some states
- I wouldn't like to tell to higher layer - in this interface - exactly when 
to use which fd. (I imagine more implementation possibility of this interface 
as well...) => added some callbacks to add/remove them.

I've noticed you already have some dynamic fd handling functions (e.g. 
std_event_add_fd). I also defined such callbacks on this interface.
What I'm suspecting missing from your side is std_event_remove_fd. (see your 
event_ops) - probably not an urgent issue, I'd use it only at program finish.


On Tuesday 28 November 2006 13:45, Peter Somogyi wrote:
> Tridge,
> I've refined
> Important:
> 1) you won't get IP addr of remote node in/after ibw_accept. I can work
> this around, just please tell me if it's really needed.
> 2) +1 waiting needed after ibw_accept (you get ibw_conn in callback, not
> immediately). It's a difference from socket.
> 3) +1 new function is necessary to avoid memcpy (if you're really
> interested in speed): see ibw_alloc_send_buf. (memory regions need to be
> allocated by ib for sending/receiving). BTW. I assume ctdb protocol is not
> pingpong-like, but you can send/recv messages independently and
> asynchronously (in 1-1 node context). Please tell me if you don't need
> this.
> Peter

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