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tridge at tridge at
Tue Nov 28 03:22:09 GMT 2006


 > Looking at your ctdb->methods abstraction, we might need a 2nd layer on top of 
 > ibwrapper.h (which should be still kept as a pure abstraction of the ib 
 > functionality exported for us based on needs & possibilities - IMHO) to suit 
 > your tcp methods. First let's wait how do you complete it.

It's been fleshed out quite a bit more now. I'm trying to put the
mininum possible logic in the transport layers, and will soon start
fleshing out the ctdb layer above the transport layer. There should
now be enough hooks in the transport layers to be workable.

I'll try to get it to the stage soon that it does a basic ping pong
latency test by directly calling the transport layer primitives. Then
you can fill in an ib/ transport and we can start to see how well it

Recent changes are here:

Cheers, Tridge

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