smbtorture - why has it's output format changed?

Gary R. Schmidt grschmidt at
Fri Nov 24 04:11:05 GMT 2006

Hi Volker,

Quoting Volker Lendecke <Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE>:

> Simple: smbtorture is a developer tool which was *never*
> meant to have any kind of stable standard output at all.
So, if I am a developer, working on some part of Samba that will
de-floss the floccinihilipilificator...
And I *know* that TEST-BLORG and TEST-SNOOZLE and so on will show
failures when I break particular parts of Samba...
And I have carefully set up a script that cron fires off at midnight
which pulls down the latest source and merges my code and builds it all...
And then runs smbtorture with those test that I know and parses the
output so I can check my mail the next day and see whether I have broken
the base system...
And someone who thinks they know something about development decides to
change smbtorture...
Then I am SOOL...
Sod you, Jimmy, I'll go and do something else!

> The only thing that you should be able to rely on is the
> exit code.
And that tells me *nothing* about what has failed inside a grouped set
of tests.

> What do you want to achieve with your parser? Is there
> possibly another way for you to achieve your goal?
Apart from writing from scratch a complete and stable CIFS test suite,
you mean?
Well, I'll probably have to do that, anyway, but at least smbtorture
gave us a correctness test that we could point at different servers and
go "Ooh, look, that one fails there, where that one is fine, and that
one doesn't work on Winders, either!!!"

                Gary    B-)

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