smbtorture - why has it's output format changed?

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Thu Nov 23 23:03:41 GMT 2006

Hi Gary,

On Fri, 2006-11-24 at 09:21 +1100, Gary R. Schmidt wrote:
> Okay, I spent a few days a while ago whacking up a parser for the output 
> of smbtorture so it could be used as a "see, it works" sort of thing, 
> (pointed at Samba 3 servers (and yes, I *know* it's not really meant for 
> that, but it's a good yardstick)).
> Yesterday, I update my samba 4 sources after some time in limbo, build 
> it anew, and find that it has all changed.
> Why?
We're adding more useful output to smbtorture, such as statistics.
Another thing was trying to make sure that we can run with known
failures, known skips, recognizing that just parts of tests failed and
allowing the output to be less verbose.

If you are looking for machine-parseable output that is guaranteed to
stay the same, try the --format=subunit option.

> I can understand adding tests, and I can almost understand changing it 
> to allow sub-tests, but removing tests?  No, you don't do that.
I don't think we've actually removed any tests. Which ones are you missing?

Also, Samba 4 is still under heavy development. Things like this may and
will change over time. We don't make any guarantees.


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