infiniband: ?

tridge at tridge at
Mon Nov 20 21:56:55 GMT 2006


 > Hmm. Is this possible? (I don't have example code for this) Somehow LIDs 
 > should be enumerated. I will look into this.

hmm, the reason I was thinking it would be the transport layer that
returns the list of nodes is to make auto-recovery when a node goes
down possible. But thinking about it a bit more, it's probably
reasonable to do this:

 - pass in a list of possible nodes (like the --nlist option in my
   prototype code)

 - have a callback that tells the upper layers when a node is not reachable

 - maybe have a separate call to ask if a node is up?

That way the transport layer doesn't need to be able to enumerate
nodes. It does need to keep connections established to all of the
nodes in the given list, and if it loses contact with one then it will
need to tell the upper layers. That should be easier than enumeration

Cheers, Tridge

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