infiniband: ?

Peter Somogyi psomogyi at
Mon Nov 20 11:07:42 GMT 2006


On Monday 20 November 2006 11:42, tridge at wrote:
> If we can get a socket like interface at no cost, then great, but I
> don't think its essential.
> What I think the transports will need to provide is:
>  - a way to return a list of what nodes are on the system
>  - a way to send a message to a specified node
>  - hooks to allow events (incoming messages etc) to hook into our
>    events layer. For IB that will probably be channel->fd
>  - a way for the event hooks to call a function to say that a message
>    has arrived, plus who it is from, size etc
> None of this is particularly socket like :)

You're completely true, I've just realized the same - I can't form socket-like 
interface directly without emulation overhead.

Now creating a much more specific interface. (Will need 1 callback proc to 
receive events + 1 global event hook)

>  - a way to return a list of what nodes are on the system
Hmm. Is this possible? (I don't have example code for this) Somehow LIDs 
should be enumerated. I will look into this.

BTW. currenty the ib-specific initial connection details are going to be 
exchanged via TCP/IP, and for this I need real IP addresses _from the upper 


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