New configuration backends for Samba 3 SoC project

Ming mingwxia at
Wed May 31 15:39:59 GMT 2006

2006/5/31, Gerald (Jerry) Carter <jerry at>:
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> Metze,
> > And the interface should use a context structure that needs
> > to be passed to each function, so that we get rid of
> > global var (or for a first step hide them in the
> > smb.conf backend).
> >
> > As a side effect this would allow us to have
> > different config contexts for different things...(maybe
> > usefull in samba4 later).
> Hmmm...I wonder if we could use this approach to solve
> the variables and include files.  The CONFIG_CTX * might be
> able to implement Volker's Variable Environment solution.
> > I had a quick look at the the gui looks
> > very nice a bit like the windows registry editor:-) But I
> > think we should not depend on it in samba...
> >
> > What we could do is orient our interface on the lelektra
> > one, so that writting an would be just
> > wrapping our interface.
> >
> > So admin tools can access via the elektra interface, but
> > samba directly uses its own interface.
> I'm not interested in adding a lot of development overhead
> first time around.  I'm willing to toss the wrapper layer
> and requirement libelektra for the SoC project.  We need
> to decide early on if libelektra will or will not work for
> our use.
belektra seems meet the requirement. If we don't use it, I'll figure
out a access interface(get/set,etc),maybe implement them above
param.c,or bypass it and parse the file, the whole flow is analogous
to belektra's design.
> Long term (if this does get integrated into the Samba tree),
> I agree with you.  But that is an easy change later on.
Things became clear if we use elektra,the problem is can it integrated
into SAMBA or just it support samba?
> cheers, jerry
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