New configuration backends for Samba 3 SoC project

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue May 30 17:46:17 GMT 2006

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Ming wrote:

> If we use libelektra,we need to implement a backend in libelektra
> which probably named
> should parse the smb.file and implement a set of interface used by
> more in order to maintain the other samba server
> part changed as few as possible to use the new configuration backend,
> We might wrap the interface to what smb team already
> used.

I'm willing to ignore the smb.conf legacy interface initially.
That's not the interesting aspect to your work for me.

>> Yes and I'm not clear how the other parts use the smb.conf backend(all
>> through lp_**?). Should we implement the new configuration backend as
>> a new set of get/set interface, that will bother the other server
>> part,I think.

Long term, an get/set interface that passes in the config
parameter name is easiest to support.  Of course, you will need
to also have return codes sincethe compiler will no longer
be able to check the parameter name like it does for the
lp_XXX() macros.

>> In order to meet the speed requirement,heavily accessed option should
>> use in-ram hashes.Is it possible to implement an architecture as:
>> +---------------------------------------+
>> |parameter access interface |
>> +---------------------------------------+
>>                     |
>> +-----------------------+ +-----------+
>> |smb.conf parser |   | LDB     |
>> +-----------------------+ +-----------+
>> We define a set of new interface which text configuration and LDB
>> configuration modules should implement(other futhure one conform to it
>> too).

Tridge and I had talked about some optimizations to how we
used the lp_XX() options now.  Certain things don't change
during a session (or chnages can be ignored until the next session
or tree connection).  For example 'security = XXX' doesn't change
over the lifetime of a session so that state can be set at negprot
response time.

cheers, jerry
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