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After some brief internal discussion, we came to the
realization that it might be a good idea to open up the
opportunity to mentor students in SoC this year to people
outside the Samba Team.

If you are not familiar with the program, please read
I'm still working on adding some of the suggestions that
came in last week from people on this list.

Since this is a bit of a last minute thing, I'm going to
try to cut down on the paper work.

First, volunteering to mentor does not necessarily mean
that you will be assigned a student.  That is dependent
on the application process.  You will be able to participate
in the application review however.

Second, once we get down to identifying the mentor(s) for
each student we need to also identify a backup for each
project should you get a life or take a vacation :-)

Third, we are working under the agreement that all proceeds
from mentoring SoC projects are donated to the Samba project
as a whole.  We will not be disbursing monies to individuals.
If you are ok with the first two items, but not the third
I'm sorry.  But we have too much overhead at the moment to
get into that tar pit.  If you find this unfair, please don't
offer to mentor.  All of the Samba Team abided by this last
year and will do so again.  Perhaps things will change in a
future year.

Here's are the details from Google to sign up as a mentor.
You should probably also email me privately and discuss
things so I have a record of where your interests lie.

- ----- forwarded msg ----------------
We've left the mentor sign up URL off the main SoC page
to discourage spam mentor applications, so please let
your fellow mentors know that they can sign up at  As the
organization's administrator, you will need to accept
each mentor application and decide which mentors to grant
administrator status to. Once your mentors are signed up
they can use
to interact with student applications once they start to
- ----- end forwarded msg ----------------

The student application process begins tomorrow, May 1, and
continues until May 8.  We can continue to add mentors up to
May 22.

Email me directly if you have specific questions.

cheers, jerry
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