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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon May 1 04:14:14 GMT 2006

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davecb at spamcop.net wrote:

>   One thing that I looked at early in Samba 3 was to thoroughly
> cross check parameters for self-consistency. For example, if
> create mask is set to mask out the execute bits, and the map
> system, hidden or archive options are set, the latter
> will fail silently.
>   I have a list of about twenty things to check for.


I'd like to reduce the number of overall parameters before
we tackle this.  Jim McDonough mentioned a configuration
validity set of tests for production servers at Samba XP
last week.  This might fit into that category.

The problem I have with these types of test in testparm is
that they bit rot.  The "+ character as a winbind separator
might cause problems" error message we have now.  Plus relying
on today's server implementation rather than actually testing
the functionality is going to cause false positives at some

I'd be willing to go this route but only if it was done in
a way that was easily maintainable and did not clutter the
code with an endless amounts of if statements.  I'm not sure
this is a 3 month project though.  Do you ?

cheers, jerry

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