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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Sun Mar 12 22:29:20 GMT 2006

simo wrote:
> Why don't just add a read only password and a read write password ?

All of the systems that Samba currently uses to keep track of passwords
(or password hashes) are based on having a username as a starting point.
It makes sense to create a "special" user so that we can store the hashes
in the usual places.  In addition, the underlying OS and FS want to have
valid user IDs and group IDs, so those have to be provided somehow.

So, basically, if you added a read only password and a read/write
password... where would you put them and how would you find them?

There are a lot of good answers to that question, but I think Volker is
looking for the simplest and least impacting.

> We already have the username option, we just need to change it to be
> the name of the user we are going to access the share with in the
> security=share case.
> For these shares the read only flag will be triggered based on the
> password used. Passwords will be stored in secrets.tdb indexed by
> sharename.
> This is an easy setup and follows what win9x has always done so that it
> makes more understandable to admins.
> Simo.

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