request to remove security=share

Carsten Schaub carsten-schaub at
Thu Mar 9 22:04:03 GMT 2006

Hi list,

on the last few weeks i have seen more and more setups with
securty=share settings. As you all know this setting is not the most
elegant and leads to all sorts of permission issues. If you don't have
the permissions set to the 'guest account' accordingly you will lead
into trouble all times.

Many people might said it before, but the first thing that samba users
think is 'I want to share a directory with others' and the keyword
'share' leads to the setting 'security=share'. But that doesn't work for
most setups. One of the most important issue is not knowing the Unix
permission system together with the per share access control parameters.

Some aproaches to get that setting out:

- Users which rely on that setting should be able to compile samba out
of the tar with a configure argument. 
- clearly state that setting in all docs as the badest choice you have
- share paths which haven't write access are hided. This can't prevent
unwriteable subdirs inside the share path
- current windows implemenations mostly rely on authenticated users. So
you need a user database anyway.

Carsten Schaub <carsten-schaub at>

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