Improving Samba 3 automated testing

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Fri Mar 3 14:17:51 GMT 2006

>We need to get a reference build of the Samba4 smbtorture
>utility accessible by the Samba3 build farm tree. I myself
We might be able to do this by just getting it from the samba 4 
repository...see below

>We need to put together a list of Samba4 subtests that
>Samba3 is expected to pass. This is more difficult than it
>might seem at first. The Samba4 torture tests are grouped
>together in large bunches called from a single command. 
I was thinking that we could have some way of flagging individual tests as 
to whether they would be for a samba3 run or not.  The default would be to 
say 'no', and one by one we can allow the tests for samba3 runs.

If you think I'm smoking something, say so :-) 

I just think trying to periodicaly pull over samba4 torture code into 
samba3 will be a bigger headache than this.

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