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Fri Jun 30 19:36:54 GMT 2006

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Michael Krax wrote:

> The first milestone is approaching quickly: here comes a 
> small summary of what is working now:

I'm looking over your code and things look good.  I'll finish
my testing today.

> void admin_log_typeid(uint32 eventTypeId, uint16 priority,
> 		      NTSTATUS ntstatus_code,
> 		      const char *user, const char *machine,
> 		      const char *format_str, ...);
> writes an entry to syslog, i.e.:
> Jun 27 21:21:22 cat smbpasswd: 0x00080001 \\cat "" (passdb) Created user
> root. NT Status: Success
> (cat being the local hostname)
> BTW. Code is available via (bzr branch)
> Perhaps I 
> should provide some other ressource too, like a diff. Jerry?

If you like.  a 'bzr merge'
makes it really easy to get a diff.  But posting a patch for
non-bzr folks is probably a good idea.

> admin_log.h provides different macros around admin_log_typeid which
> should be called by the other parts of samba, i.e.
> 			     result,
> 			     get_current_username(),
> 			     get_local_machine_name(),
> 			     "Deleted user %s",
> 			     sam_acct->username ); (in pdb_interface.c)
> get_current_username() does not provide what I hoped for, at least if
> called by smbpasswd. 

Correct.  The reason is that the current_user struct filled in
by smbd when handling CIFS sessions.  smbpasswd is acting locally.

> Basically, there are two problems:
> 1) To find the right point to insert the call to ADMINLOG. In some
> cases, there are probably multiple calls necessary.
> 2) To get the right params to pass to ADMINLOG (especially user and
> machine name).

If you get stuck trying to figure out where to get the information
from, just ping me.  Or grab me on IRC.   I'll get some more
feedback after I finish testing (compile is finishing up now).

cheers, jerry
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