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Fri Jun 30 20:44:10 GMT 2006

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> If you get stuck trying to figure out where to get the information
> from, just ping me.  Or grab me on IRC.   I'll get some more
> feedback after I finish testing (compile is finishing up now).


This looks really good.  I was able to get some output
on the server  from running 'net rpc user add':

  Jun 30 15:29:18 rain smbd[23753]: 0x00080001 \\rain "jerry"
	(passdb) Created user bar3. NT Status: Success

Since 3.0.23 is just about out, I would like to plan to start
merging work for 3.0.24.  You might want to include --enable-developer
to get warnings like:

  Compiling lib/admin_log.c
  lib/admin_log.c: In function ?admin_log_event_type?:
  lib/admin_log.c:405: warning: control reaches end of non-void function

Would you mind writing up a short HOWTO ?  I had to dig in the
source for the "admin log levels".  This would probably help get
some more testing and feedback for you as well.

Once the code is merged in to the main SAMBA_3_0 tree, we
need to add the smb.conf man page entries as well.
The docs repo is at svn://
You'll just have to feed from patches to this since it doesn't
really make a lot of sense to mirror it using bzr.

Thanks again.  Nice work so far.

cheers, jerry
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