SOC Automated Windows Testing Project

Brad Henry j0j0 at
Tue Jun 27 21:34:14 GMT 2006

Brad Henry wrote:

> tridge at wrote:
>> Brad,
>> I've been watching your commits, and they look good to me. How close
>> are you to trying some basic stuff in the build farm? It looks to me
>> like you have most of the infrastructure in place, and really just
>> need a bit of glue. Mostly the vmware scripting to go?
>> Cheers, Tridge
> I think i'm close. I have a good start on the vmware scripting, and 
> have begun to put together a perl object to manage the windows vm, and 
> a shell script to perform the initial setup functions. I'll clean up 
> what i've done so far and commit it tonight. I'm pretty new to perl, 
> so if anyone has any suggestions, i'd be happy to hear them. :)
> I don't have anything to perform windows->samba testing yet either, 
> but I think the infrastructure which is completed so far will make 
> that part pretty painless.
> Brad

I forgot to reply to the list when I hit send the first time.

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