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Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Wed Jun 21 14:32:09 GMT 2006

Gerald (Jerry) Carter пишет:
> Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
>> Love or hate it but we still need GUI management for 
>> Samba bundled.  Every other attempt to build it separately
>> as open source sucked so far.
> But no on uses SWAT because it sucks.  So what's the point?
> EJS won't change the fact that we neithyer have the desire
> nor the resources to do a good GUI.  Providing a bad one
> is really not better than one at all.  Apachae doesn't provide
> a GUI for httpd.conf and it seems to be doing ok.
So basically you're suggesting to cease work in this regard and allow 
vendors to build on top of interfaces?

I'm not against work and certainly would like to help there 
where possible.

However, I do not see value in killing SWAT idea.

>> From my practical experience (I run samba admins mailing 
>> list for Russian-speaking admins which gathers about 500
>> admins across exUSSR area) there is steady amount of requests
>> related to SWAT usage and configuration through swat.
> I believe you, but I don't see this on the samba ml.
There are different user needs in different regions.

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