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Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

> So basically you're suggesting to cease work in this regard 
> and allow vendors to build on top of interfaces?
> I'm not against work and certainly would like to 
> help there where possible.
> However, I do not see value in killing SWAT idea.

My point is that SWAT as the initial consumer of the
management API will not be tested as much as you think.
'make test' however will.

If you want to work on SWAT, that cool.  No problem.
If we have a management intrerface that SWAT can use, it
could be broken out on its own.  That would probably help
in pulling in better GUI people than us.

However, I am opposed to ejs in Samba 3.

>> I believe you, but I don't see this on the samba ml.
> There are different user needs in different regions.

I'm not disagreeing, but you ml experiences are not enough to
convince me that SWAT is a widely used tool.  The samba ml
is pretty diverse in its membership.  But I won't hold it up
for evidence of my POV either.  I will say that unless we as
developers use the tools, they will suck.

cheers, jerry
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