libsmb always enables signing when server has support

Ben Winslow rain at
Fri Jun 9 15:36:06 GMT 2006

It appears that libsmb always enables signing when the server supports
it (even if client signing = No).

In cli_session_setup_*(), cli_simple_set_signing() is always called, so
I assume that cli_simple_set_signing() is expected to do The Right Thing
when signing isn't required; however, cli_set_smb_signing_common()
(called from cli_simple_set_signing()) will only return False if signing
is not required AND not supported.

This breaks smbmount, since the kernel doesn't know how to sign packets,
and it's broken in general since the 'client signing = No' preference is

I'm not sure where exactly the signing logic is intended to be
controlled, but if it IS in cli_set_smb_signing_common(), the logic is


Ben Winslow <rain at>
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