deprecating smbmount ?

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Wed Jul 26 00:56:25 GMT 2006

Steve French wrote Mon Jul 24 03:29:11 GMT 2006:

> CIFS VFS needs NLTMv2 support to work to Windows (minor change needed) -
> it works to Samba now, before I would feel comfortable.

> Current plan is 2.6.18 kernel (2.6.18 is at rc2) will ship NTLMv2 support 
> working to Windows,  For kernel version 2.6.19 we can deprecate smbfs and 
> related utilities (smbmount, smbmnt) if no major issues found.

That means OS/2 and eComStation will be able to network only with windoz
once support for distros using 2.6.18 kernels is dropped. OS/2 has no
CIFS in Peer, and its NFS halted at v2. :-( I know there was once a port
samba to OS/2 attempt, but it seems to have languished since 3.0.9.
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