[soc]configuration backend

Mingwang mingwxia at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 12:54:17 GMT 2006

2006/7/14, Chetan S <cshring at gmail.com>:
> On 7/14/06, Mingwang <mingwxia at gmail.com> wrote:
> > hi,
> >   This project uses libelektra as the backend, it provides a
> > registry-like parameter holder. And the storage backend behind it can
> > be file system,berkeleydb,ini,etc. I have implement APIs to access
> > global and service parameter as:
> >
> > char* getGlobalParam(const char *paramName);
> > int   setGlobalParam(const char *paramName,char *value);
> > char* getServiceParam(ServiceCtx *serviceCtx,const char *paramName);
> > int   setServiceParam(ServiceCtx *serviceCtx,const char *paramName,
> > char *value);
> Would it be possible to implement api that allow
> 1.  Service enumeration
> 2.  parameter enumeration for a given service
> 3.  service existence look up
These would be easy to implement under the current project
infrastructure. The problem is where the project would go,since it's
only an experiment.
> 4.  Transparent caching for lookups  [ This one not extremely necessary ]
> Also, Ming,  is this work available in some branch ?
> My requests would make more sense if I said that I am trying to
> connect to your api via the registry rpc calls.  I already have a
> proof-of-concept implementation that allows listing the services via
> registry rpc, internally using the existing loadparm calls.
FYI, the bzr branch is at http://people.samba.org/bzr/mwxia/samba-soc/
and your requests will help people improve the configuration system.
They has a long term idea about it.I'll add the first 3 API as you

> The registry rpc infrastructure by Jerry seems ready for this missing
> link for smb.conf access.
> regards,
> Chetan S.


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