Moving ahead: Plans for 3.0.23 and 3.0.24

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Tue Jul 11 12:27:57 GMT 2006

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Now that 3.0.23 has been released, it's time to start
thinking about 3.0.24 and any maintenance we need to
do with 3.0.23.  This release took a bit longer than

  Release	Date
  =======	====
  3.0.14a	14-Apr-2005
  3.0.20	19-Aug-2005
  2.0.21	20-Dec-2005
  3.0.23	10-Jul-2006

But if I wee to guess, 3.0.24 would be ready sometime
around Dec 1.  That's just a guess.  It will really depend
on what features we decide to put in.

Jeremy is going to merge trunk into SAMBA_3_0 today which
which diverge a good bit from the 3.0.23 code base.

My suggestion for any 3.0.23 letter releases is this:

* Focus on 3.0.24
* If it looks like we will need a 3.0.23[a-z], create
  a SAMBA_3_0_23 branch  for development based on
  the release tree and worth with that.  But don't
  create the branch until it becomes absolutely necessary.

So the first questions is are they any fixes that did not
go into 3.0.23 but shouldn't wait until Dec ?  I thin gd
has some winbindd/PAM related fixes for offline logins and
I have some Krb5 keytab cleanups that probably are needed
by some environments.

And along these lines, what's the feature set for 3.0.24 ?

cheers, jerry
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