undo msdfs defaults ?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Jul 3 14:06:09 GMT 2006

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> I'd like to propose to undo msdfs defaults to be off 
> by default. ATM it's set to "on" globally.
> Volker already found one bug which he fixed but we don't 
> know if there are more hidden bugs.
> Another side effect is that there is now a new DFS tab 
> in the properties menu of each share and each folder.
> This might also confuse people as this is something
> they usually don't see there.
> On the other hand I don't see the big benefit of 
> enabling dfs. The only argument I can remember for
> enabling it was that people can easily move
> a share to a different server when they run out 
> of disk space. Or people who know how to do this
> can enable it manually. But this is something
> people should take care of and for which Samba 
> should not switch to new and experimental defaults.

Sorry.  -1 from me.  This debate might have been good
2 months ago, but it is too late now in the release process.
MS-DFS is not new and experimental.  It has been a
supported options for several years now.  If there are bugs,
we should fix them; not hide them.

cheers, jerry
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