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Sun Jan 22 22:04:04 GMT 2006

tridge at writes:

> Jeremy,
>  > Rather than 3.x anything, I'd suggest a Samba4.0.0-tech preview.
>  > You really don't want to confuse what you have in 4.x with any
>  > 3.x release - that way lies massive user confusion :-).
> sesse tells me that 0.4.0-tp1 would be a disaster for apt on debian,
> which is a pity as I thought it was rather a nice solution :-)
> So I think we'll need to do Samba 4.0-tp1 and let debian work out what
> it wants to do for itself (which is probably Samba 3.9-4.0-sp1 or
> something equally confusing!)

It may be worth reconsidering the package name.  Debian has a method of
aliasing one package name to another.  If the Samba4 package is called
"samba4", then at some future time, when everyone should actually be using
Samba4, Debian can remove the Samba3 package (currently called "samba") and
make requests for the "samba" package actually retrieve "samba4".  This also
allows Debian to provide both Samba3 and Samba4 for as long as they like, and
for each to have its own version number.


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