Samba4 TP

tridge at tridge at
Sun Jan 22 20:57:26 GMT 2006


 > Rather than 3.x anything, I'd suggest a Samba4.0.0-tech preview.
 > You really don't want to confuse what you have in 4.x with any
 > 3.x release - that way lies massive user confusion :-).

sesse tells me that 0.4.0-tp1 would be a disaster for apt on debian,
which is a pity as I thought it was rather a nice solution :-)

So I think we'll need to do Samba 4.0-tp1 and let debian work out what
it wants to do for itself (which is probably Samba 3.9-4.0-sp1 or
something equally confusing!)

Cheers, Tridge

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