tdb_lock failed errors (bug #3327)

Henrik Nordstrom hno at
Thu Jan 12 09:23:08 GMT 2006

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> I'm not sure it would work here, but some projects have bugzilla CC the
> mailing list on every bug.  Perhaps however we could setup
> samba-technical@ as a possible CC, perhaps on bugs once they are

Shouldn't it be the other way around, by default CC:d until it's ASSIGNED? 
I.e.. while the bug is analyzed and verified. Preferably with a 
bidirectional gateway, allowing responses from/on the ML to be recorded in 
the report.  A bug should only be in ASSIGNED while someone is actively 
working on the bug.

But perhaps a small step is required first to have someone qualify the bug 
as a bug report to keep the noise down somewhat.

Bugzilla is a very good tool, but does not exacly encourage shared 
efforts. If it could be combined with harvesting comments via email 
discussions I think it could be speeded up considerably.


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