Samba 101:beginning configuration

Henrik Zagerholm henke at
Fri Aug 25 06:46:10 GMT 2006

Have you gone through these?

Also, if you post for help, please follow the guidelines and include  
version, smb.conf and other relevant output from logs.

Also try posting these kind of questions to the samba at list  
and not the samba-technical list.


24 aug 2006 kl. 22:48 skrev Mary Couture:

> Can I get some assistance?  I'm very new to Samba (less than a week  
> now, I've
> been working with it) and my project is to set up Samba and get rid  
> of PC
> Netlink.
> I have set up a Sun box with the samba server for a test  
> environment.  I'm
> trying to set the smb.conf file so that from the windows network I  
> can see
> the filesystem on the unix side.  At this time I can see the  
> machine in my
> windows network but it does not accept remote requests so I can't  
> get to the
> directories.
> I know this is probably something very basic.  Any help would be  
> greatly
> appreciated.
> Mary L. Couture

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