[Patch] Starting of DNS libs for Samba 3.0

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Aug 21 19:51:02 GMT 2006

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Krishna (our of our developers at Centeris) did initial
work on adding Dynamic DNS update code to 'net ads join'.
We've worked on the patch for inclusion in the main tree.
It's still got some warts, but non-secure updates do
currently work and are shipping the Centeris Samba rpms.
There are at least four things left to really clean up.

1. Change the memory management to use talloc() rather than
   malloc() and cleanup the leaks.
2. Fix the error code reporting (see initial changes to
3. Fix the secure updates
4. Define a public interface in addns.h

We are proposing this as a standalone lib.  There still
some technical kinks to be worked out with that aspect.
Since this is a library, we are releasing it under the LGPL.
I'm also planning on moving the lookup code in
libads/dns.c into the library once it is in the Samba tree.

A few notes:

* The patch is against the current SAMBA_3_0 tree
* Enable the new code by compiling with --with-dnsupdate
* Also adds the command 'net ads dns register'

I've attached a gzipped version of the patch since it
is a little large.

cheers, jerry
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