SOC User Manager for SWAT Report

S P sree314 at
Mon Aug 21 16:02:38 GMT 2006

The User Manager for SWAT (Samba 4) is a web-based AJAX-ified user
manager for Samba.

It is currently written in ESP, and JS, and uses Qooxdoo 0.5.3 and
Samba's JS API. It was largely tested using Samba r15908.

Current functionality:
 * Browse list of users
 * Create New users
 * Rename/Delete users
 * Reset Passwords for users
 * Modify user properties (General, Group Membership and Profile)

All of the above are fully functional, and most actions are available
via a context menu.

Pending issues:
* The GUI must (currently) be refreshed manually to reflect changes to
individual user properties.
* Context menu is not available if the list of users is empty.

Code, as well as an install script are available in the SVN repository
in the SOC/sree/ directory.

Screenshots are available here:

Sreepathi Pai

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