[SAMBA4][PATCH] Add Windows testing to Samba 4 make tests

Brad Henry j0j0 at riod.ca
Mon Aug 21 05:58:21 GMT 2006

This patch, created against r17653, adds a new test to the Samba 4 build 
system test suite. 'make wintest' tests Samba as a client against 
Windows as a server, and Samba as a server against Windows as a client. 
The output format is appropriate for running on the build farm, which 
can be seen at 

This framework runs as root without socket wrappers enabled. It uses 
expect scripts to interact with a Windows server telnet session, and 
perl along with VMware's vmperl and vix-perl API's to manage the VMWare 
host and Windows virtual machine. In situations where a test fails, the 
Windows VM is reloaded from a known good snapshot to ensure that the 
next test runs against a clean environment.

In order to test this patch, a Windows virtual machine has to be setup 
in VMWare server, preferably configured using the vm_setup.tar.gz 
package in my SVN branch at svn.samba.org. I tested this patch using 
Windows 2003.

There are a few things in my work that could use more attention. 
Currently, the VMWare server needs to be configured to revert to its 
snapshot on a power off event, rather than directly triggered using the 
vix-perl api. As well, tighter integration with the Samba build farm is 
possible, for example rather than formatting its own output, this 
framework could work within the build farm testit() routine in 
test_functions.sh. I plan to work on these areas in the near future, as 
well as any which come up after.

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