[SAMBA4][PATCH] Add Windows testing to Samba 4 make tests

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Aug 24 04:36:03 GMT 2006


I've committed the version of your patch from the SOC svn. Really nice

There are some minor things I think still need to be done, but the
bulk of the work is really good, so I thought it better to commit now
and then work with you on some tweaks based on the current samba4

1) First a minor nit! The patch included this change to main.mk:

  +include heimdal_build/perl_path_wrapper.sh ../librpc/idl-deps.pl librpc/idl/*.idl|

  I presume you didn't want that. It's a good idea to read the diff
  output to see that it doesn't contain any unwatned stuff :-)

2) Next, we'll need to put the win_test.conf info somewhere other than
   the fixed location in script/tests/ as otherwise we won't be able
   to have more than one host in the farm using these tests. Maybe
   support a WINTESTCONF environment variable, which we could set in
   the per host config in the build_farm ? It would point at a file
   that the admin of the box has setup. If that variable is not set
   then don't do windows testing.

3) Currently the bnhtest machine only does the windows tests and skips
   the existing tests. I presume that's because the windows tests
   require socket wrapper disabled and the non-windows tests need to
   have it enabled? If thats the case, then unsetting
   SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR in test_win.sh should solve that problem. Or
   maybe there is some other reason? I'd certainly be keen to run the
   windows tests first, so that if we have a non-windows test failure
   we still see the windows tests (the windows tests are arguably more
   valuable as they will only run on a very few build farm hosts).

4) Can you add a README for the script/tests/win/ directory explaining
   how to set this up? What do you think about committing the
   vm_setup.tar.gz there as well?

Thanks so much for your efforts on this. It should be relatively easy
to expand what you've done to do a much wider range of samba<->windows
tests, which will greatly increase the confidence we have that Samba
actually works. This is something I've wanted to see for a long time!

Cheers, Tridge

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