Admin logging - suggestions for events to log?

Michael Krax mk-samba at
Wed Aug 16 21:54:28 GMT 2006

On Mi, Aug 16, 2006 at 11:14:42 -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:


> > I have enclosed a patch to SAMBA_3_0 (bzr branch).  I suppose it is
> > easier that way for most of you to have a quick look at the code.
> Hey Michael, I'm at Linuxworld this week but I'll sit
> down tonight and review things.  Thanks for the patch.

There are not many changes compared to what you saw last.  I was mainly
interested in some proposals for further calls to admin log.

I already did the failed login stuff proposed by Bill.  I suppose that I
bzr-rspushed it, but I am not sure.  My current local working tree
should not be published, because:

I am currently working on SACL support and a vfs module to make use of
it, but that's a rather complicated story.  And the code is messy.

My local smbd currently sends and receives SACLs to XP Pro and saves
them as an extended attribute, but the vfs module is not yet working.

I will hopefully bzr-rspush some working code tomorrow.
> Would you mind checking out the samba-docs svn tree
> (svn:// and add the
> man pages entries for these to the smbdotconf/ directory
> tree?  I think you should be able cut-n-paste from the
> existing XML files.

I already did that some time ago ... I will review that and post a

I do not expect to finish SACL support before the SoC deadline; there
will certainly be a discussion about the implementation details -- ie.
the inheritance of SACLs.  But if you and the other developers are
interested, I will continue working on it.  And I will have some working
code till Sunday.

That's it for today,


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