Admin logging - suggestions for events to log?

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Wed Aug 16 16:14:42 GMT 2006

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Michael Krax wrote:
> Everybody,
> first of all a small status update on my SoC project:
> * a user specific format string may now be specified 
>   (as of now, this is undocumented and works-for-me; there are some
>   small inconsistencies I am working on & it needs testing by me)
> I have enclosed a patch to SAMBA_3_0 (bzr branch).  I suppose it is
> easier that way for most of you to have a quick look at the code.

Hey Michael, I'm at Linuxworld this week but I'll sit
down tonight and review things.  Thanks for the patch.

> I would really appreciate it if some of you could make 1 
> or 2 suggestions for more calls to adminlog.
> For now, it supports 
> * user add and delete
> * printer add (couldn't check)
> * configuration change (=reload)
> * failure to authentify against DC
> BTW,
> configuration options are:
> * admin log = Yes/No
> * admin log event types = all -or- auth printing passdb etc.
> * admin log levels = all -or- info warn error (+ audit_failure audit_success)
>   The last two values correspond to the EventLog documentation.
> (* admin log format = please do not specify for now)

Would you mind checking out the samba-docs svn tree
(svn:// and add the
man pages entries for these to the smbdotconf/ directory
tree?  I think you should be able cut-n-paste from the
existing XML files.

cheers, jerry
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