LDAP questions and password generation

Malte Zacharias malte.zacharias at nordakademie.de
Wed Aug 16 19:02:39 GMT 2006

Roland Gruber wrote:

> Hi Malte,
> Malte Zacharias schrieb:
>> Is there someplace where it is already documented or some sample
>> code in either Java, Perl, PHP or Smalltalk? Unfortunately I'm not able
>> to read C well enough I believe.
> see this file for a PHP implementation:
> http://lam.cvs.sourceforge.net/lam/lam/lib/createntlm.inc?view=markup
> It is based on a Perl and C++ implementation which was part of Samba
> some time ago.

Thank you for pointing me to that file, exactly what I was looking for,
now I'll only have to implement that snipplet in smalltalk,
shouldn't be too hard..

>> My second question regards the other LDAP attributes, is there some kind
>> of documentation available concerning these parameters and their allowed
>> values? I already searched the mailing lists available on gmane however
>> the only posting regarding this I found was from the author of Ldap
>> Account Manager and there aren't any answers in that thread. I would be
>> very happy if someone could provide me with the information needed or
>> just point me in the right direction.
> Me too. ;-)
So can anyone help us?

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