LDAP questions and password generation

Malte Zacharias malte.zacharias at nordakademie.de
Wed Aug 16 23:04:33 GMT 2006

Roland Gruber wrote:

> Hi Malte,
> Malte Zacharias schrieb:
>> Is there someplace where it is already documented or some sample
>> code in either Java, Perl, PHP or Smalltalk? Unfortunately I'm not able
>> to read C well enough I believe.
> see this file for a PHP implementation:
> http://lam.cvs.sourceforge.net/lam/lam/lib/createntlm.inc?view=markup
Some info I just found on another Mailing List,
they're suggesting this hash is the same as the one used
in NTLM HTTP Auth, is there anyone who can support or deny
that statement?

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